This site promotes Arts and Social events for women.
The Glass Bar was founded in 1995 as home to a diverse, vibrant, exciting, powerful, beautiful community of  women. Since the untimely closure of our building in 2008, we have relocated some of our activities to other spaces until we find a permanent home. The Glass Bar is continuing its role as an Arts & Social Club for the London women's LBTQH community - i.e. lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer and heterosexual women. From sisterhood, girl power, yummy mummies, lipstick lesbians, feminists, career women to home providers, carers, across cultures, class, creed, colour, religion, trans-gender and sexuality, existing to give a colourful, social mix that illuminates and enhances life experiences, through interaction, networking, discussions, debates, and a variety of entertainment in London. The Glass Bar members meet in comfortable, friendly spaces located in Central London. Our aims are to encourage the social and economic progress of women. The Glass Bar promotes and facilitates groups and individuals whose core values mirrors our own through networking, arts, entertainment and social events. Membership is available (see the membership page) but not necessary in order to attend our events or Pop up lounges. The Glass Bar will be sharing it's platform by supporting two community groups for 2015-2016.  A percentage of your annual membership goes to these organisations. So we strongly advise you to become a member and be rewarded by receiving discounted entry to The Glass Bar events, being part of a huge vibrant network of women, having a large selection

of events to enjoy, making new friends and you also help the two organisations, below, to financially continue their cause. London Feminist Network founded in 2004 has reshaped and reinvigorated the UK feminist movement.  Forcing institutes, political bodies etc to address the discrimination and inequalities women still face today.

www.ldnfeministnetwork.ik.com  Million Women Rise a huge and important movement focusing on issues concerning violence against women and the celebration of      International Women's Day  www.millionwomenrise.com